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Somali Cultural Watch (SCW) was established in April 2009. It is an independent, voluntary and non-profit organisation. Islington Islamic Centre is trading name of SCW.

SCW aims to provide quality religious, educational and recreational facilities for Muslims living in the London boroughs of Islington, Camden and surrounding areas.

Centre′s membership is open to all Muslims and the current register represents Muslims of diverse ethnicities from many parts of the world without regard to ethnicity, race, nationality or sect.

Services provided by the centre include the congregational five daily prayers, including Friday Khutbas, Quranic Studies Madrassah, Tafseer Halaqaas, Youth programs, Ramadan Iftar & Taraweeh, Eid programs, Saturday and Sunday school, Sisters Circle, Supplementary School, Outreach & Interfaith programs and many more activities.

SCW is run from the Al Risaalah Mosque and Islington Islamic Centre at 91-93 Parkhurst Road, London N7 0LP. The building consists of Masjid prayer and multipurpose halls, 3 offices for administration, youth and sisters, a well resources reference library and a small kitchen.

To meet the existing and growing needs of the Muslim community, and in order to find solutions for some of the difficulties faced by the community, future plans include the establishment of an Islamic school.

The management committee has been working very hard to raise the necessary funds to purchase the building at 91-93 Parkhurst Road. By the grace of Allah the community has been very generous and the centre has been purchased and it belongs to the community.

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